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History Lead: Mrs Jasmine Glenin

Our aim at Hillcroft Primary School, is to encourage pupils to develop an appreciation and understanding of the past and how that has influenced our future. Through finding out how about our past we have learnt about how our country, culture and local community which have developed over time. History enables children to develop a context for their growing sense of identity and a chronological framework for their knowledge of significant events and people. Through evaluating primary and secondary sources, historical enquiry and immersing themselves into engaging historical experiences, this can influence the children at Hillcroft to make decisions about personal choices, attitudes, and values. 

We develop children with the following essential characteristics to help them become historians:  

  • An excellent knowledge and understanding of people, events and contexts from a range of historical periods, including significant events in Britain’s past and chronological timelines;  
  • The ability to think critically about history and communicate ideas confidently to a range of audiences;  
  • The ability to support, evaluate and challenge their own and others’ views using historical evidence from a range of sources;  
  • The ability to think, reflect, debate, discuss and evaluate the past by formulating and refining questions and lines of enquiry;  
  • A respect for historical evidence and the ability to make critical use of it to support their learning;  
  • A desire to embrace challenging activities, including opportunities to undertake high-quality research across a range of history topics;  
  • A developing sense of curiosity about the past and how and why people interpret the past in different ways.