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Load of old rubbish proves anything but that for pupils

Much rubbish has been talked recently by the Hillcroft school council – and that was just what was intended as the school’s elected decision makers got to grips with how to make Hillcroft more eco-friendly.

Members of the council, which is elected by the school body to represent its views, went on a visit to Tandridge District Council to talk to recycling officers Claire Cooney and Rob Luck about environmental and recycling policies in the area, and what steps Hillcroft pupils can take to help make them work.

“It was an extremely eye-opening experience for the children,” said Hillcroft’s acting deputy head Louise Summers, who oversaw the visit. “They learnt where the different types of waste – recyclable, landfill, garden etc – go and what becomes of them, and also talked about how local streets in Caterham are kept clean,  and how they can take action to keep their the neighbourhood looking good.”

"The Council is fully committed to encouraging residents to recycle and it provides support in many ways, including special interactive workshops for local schools,” said Tandridge’s Chief Community Services Officer Paul Barton.  “There are no better advocates than children when it comes to recycling and the importance of protecting our environment.”

As with any school visit, though, after time for talking, the real fun was to be had in the activity, where children got suited and booted in high visibility clothing and had a go at using a recycling facility, sorting out recyclables into different categories.

“It was a fun way to end the trip but it had a serious message which the children really took to heart and to their heads,” added Ms Summers.

“It was a great experience for them to learn more about the subject and see how the recycling process actually happens, so I know they’ll take that knowledge and those ideas back to school and get great use out of them.”