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Hillcroft’s brother and sister act prove science is a family business

Scientific expertise would definitely seem to be passed on in the genes after a brother and sister came out top of the class at a science fair at Hillcroft.

The school, which is part of the GLF Schools group multi-academy trust, was holding its own competition ahead of a wider GLF group event which will take place in March, and nearly a quarter of pupils took part, as 58 entries were submitted.

Topics covered included themes as varied as volcanoes, how thermometers work and how to tell if a cat is left or right-handed, with staff and members of the local Rotary Club acting as judges, assessing planning, investigative skills, results, conclusion and presentation.

Eventually, the winning entry was chosen to be the one from Year Three pupil Isabel and younger brother Ethan - ‘How does the surface area affect the cooling of a liquid’ – which was research into how what container allows their porridge to cool down the fastest.

“There was some real imagination and ingenuity displayed in these entries, so we’re thrilled that so many people put in so much effort,” said Hillcroft’s head of maths Tom Holloway, a former winner of the national Primary School Science Teacher of the Year competition.

“It was a very tough competition but well done to Isabel and Ethan, who together with 17 runners-up will now go on to represent Hillcroft at the GLF science fair grand final in March.”

Science plays a prominent role in the curriculum at Hillcroft. Last term it was one of three schools in the GLF group to open special purpose-built Phiz Lab science facilities, built with funding from the Ogden Trust science teaching charity.

Hillcroft pupils also took part in a link up with astronaut Tim Peake on the International Space Station, and the school has a special Charles Darwin-themed garden area.