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Science is the winner at university fair

Topics as diverse as tooth decay, friction and the physics of a bouncing ball were all explored by the group which also had to chance to learn about black holes, discuss science and meet experts working in the field.

Pupils from the GLF Schools multi-academy trust were among those showing their talent at the subject.
More than 220 pupils were invited to show a science project which had been home-produced at the event where guests included the university’s Professor Jim Al-Khalil, a regular BBC presenter of science programmes.

Organisations ranging from the Royal Society of Chemistry and East Surrey Water to the Guildford Astronomical Society were all represented at the event.

“This was a great opportunity to demonstrate science in action and to relate science to the real world. The children of today are the scientists of the future and it was great to see them so engaged and enjoying their science,” said Jo Hedges, of Sutton and East Surrey Water.

The inaugural event attracted 15 exhibitors and parents were also encouraged to attend the final part of the day, on March 1.
A panel of judges assessed the projects on show from schools across the Surrey area and the winners chosen.
“Professor Al-Khalili gave a fascinating talk about recent developments in space, with focus on black holes. He answered questions from the pupils and the whole day proved to be incredibly successful. Everyone at all the GLF schools worked very hard and the pupils gained enormously from the experience,” said Tom Holloway GLF Primary Science Leader.

Winners received a science book, trophy and the title GLF Primary Scientist of the Year.
The event was run incon junction with the University of Surrey Physics Department and the Ogden Trust (
List of winners:
Winner: Key Stage 1, Herbert Whitaker Wheatfield Primary School. His project investigated friction.
Runners Up: Key Stage 1, Daisy Patton, Hillcroft Primary School, Year 2. Her project investigated the causes of tooth decay and Isla Shaw, Lime Tree Primary School. Her project investigated whether she could grow a garden in a jar.
Winner: Key Stage 2, Finlay Minter, Salfords Primary School. His project investigated the wonderful world of fingerprints.
Runners Up: Key Stage 2
Oliver Scott, Year 4, Whyteleafe Primary School. His project investigated whether heating a ball effects how high it bounces.
Lois Taylor, Danetree Primary School. His project investigated how the amount of sugar in fizzy drinks effects tooth decay.