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'Good' news for Hillcroft Primary School

There was praise in the report published this week for Hillcroft Primary School head teacher Kellie Brazier, highlighting her effective staff training and high aspirations.
"You have created a staff team that is determined to do the best for all pupils in the school. There were eight new teachers at the start of the academic year. You have invested in effective induction and training," said the report.
Inspector Richard Blackmore said the school has a strong safeguarding culture with rigorous checks on adults before they either work or volunteer with the children.
"Staff and children have worked exceptionally hard this year and I am very proud that their hard work and dedication has been recognised by Ofsted.
"It is important for us as a school that children enjoy their time at Hillcroft," said Miss Brazier in a letter to parents.
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your hard work, support and care for the school and your children in it," she added.
Hillcroft Primary, Chaldon Road, is a member of the GLF Schools multi-academy trust, which was founded in 2012 and currently has 23 schools under its umbrella.
The inspection report also highlighted the school's Tree House facility which provides a nurturing environment for pupils showing challenging behaviour. The system allows for smaller groups to be taught before they return to their own classes and the report said it was 'expertly led' with effective individual guidance.
"As a result, fixed term exclusions are significantly lower than last year," it said.
Attendance rates for disadvantage pupils and those with special educational needs have also improved.
Mr Blackmore also highlighted pupils behaviour within the school and in the playground.
"They have positive attitudes to lessons and enjoy school," he said.
The April Ofsted inspection was the first one conducted since Miss Brazier took up her role and it said that the next steps for the school included developing mathematical skills and providing sufficient challenge for the most able children.