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Science Fair finals

There was a real University Challenge when Hillcroft School's young scientists did battle with science at the University of Surrey to find the best.

The event was held at the prestigious venue on Wednesday when the university’s Professor Jim Al Khalili was one of the key note speakers along with Jo Fox, US Space Ambassador and head of Spacefund.

Each school, all members of the multi-academy GLF Trust, held its own science fair prior to this week’s final to choose a winning project and runner-up for the university date. Pupils had worked on their own projects at home in order to take part in the event.

“The standard of children’s science projects this year were exceptionally high. It was amazing to see so many excited and engaged children enjoying science and sharing their love of this awesome subject with others,” said Tom Holloway, GLF Primary Science Leader.

A burning issue for a student at Merstham Primary School was see if boys are completely hygienic - and to use science as a basis for the conclusion.  Sophia Briscoe, of Merstham Primary School, was named as the Key Stage 1 Primary Scientist of the Year for her work on the subject.

She put ‘germs’ on the hands of a boy and a girl and watched them spread after the young man failed to wash his hands. Sophia concluded that hand-washing is really important.

Subjects chosen by the students ranged from how to make gases at home to the chemical composition of coffee and a number of businesses and organisations gave up their time to help with the event.

“It would not have been possible without the support of so many, including Pfizer, Atkins, SES Water, Pirbright Institute and Electronic Arts,” added Mr Holloway.

The KS1 winner was Sophia Briscoe, of Merstham Primary School; KS 2 was Max Barr, of Salfords Primary School with a project on how to make gases at home. The KS3 winners were Faith Walker, Poppy Wigley and Elsie Wright from The Beacon Secondary School on the taste of coffee.

Please look in the Gallery to view photos of the Science Fair.