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Hillcroft Darwin Walk

On Tuesday, 14th July a number of especially invited guests, including the great, great grandson of Charles Darwin, Randal Keynes, attended the official opening of our new Charles Darwin-inspired garden area.

The famous scientist and author of ‘The Origin of Species’ lived not far from our school, at Down House in Kent, and used his own gardens as an extensive outdoor laboratory.

Our aim is to inspire Darwin’s wonder for natural history amongst staff and pupils with our new facility.

The launch event was the culmination of a series of conservation days for parents and children of both Hillcroft and The Hawthorns in Bletchingly.

The project was the brainchild of our head of science, Tom Holloway. During his presentation to the guests at the launch event he said: “Although Darwin is famed for going to places like the Galapagos Islands, he did a lot of his experimentation and discovery in his own back garden. We want the children of Hillcroft to look upon this garden in a similar light, as a place of both enjoyment and education. You don’t need a shiny fancy laboratory – just a sense of curiosity. Although it is science-themed, the garden will also have cross-curricular use as an outdoor teaching aid for help with literacy and numeracy.”