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Hillcroft pupils hold the world – and more – in their hands

Children at Hillcroft enjoyed the outing of a lifetime recently – a round the world trip without leaving their own class rooms.

The lucky students were taken to the four corners of the earth, underneath the oceans and out into space courtesy of the new Google Expedition kit, as Hillcroft became one of the first schools in the world to get its hands on the new app.

By using an Android smartphone placed inside a specially adapted cardboard viewer, Hillcroft pupils were able to see 360 degrees as well as above and below them.

Different year groups went on virtual explorations of different parts of the planet – and beyond – and Year Four students who had been studying the Antarctic expeditions of legendary explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton were able to ‘visit’ his house and the South Pole.

Earlier this year, the school’s Computing Leader Wendy MacLeod was awarded Computing at School Master Teacher status by the British Computer Society, an honour which saw Hillcroft upgraded to being a lead school in the BCS’s Network of Excellence.

“As a lead school in the Network, we are always looking for ways to enhance our children’s learning using the latest technologies” said Mrs MacLeod.

“We are excited to have been one of the first schools in the world to use the app and are really looking forward to using it on a regular basis within our lessons, when it goes on general release next year.”