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Vision, Values and Aims

Hillcroft’s vision encompasses everything that we are working towards as a school, for all stakeholders. Our vision is about driving the school forward and seeking to motivate and unify everyone to achieve the best possible outcomes for our children during their time at Hillcroft.

Hillcroft’s vision statement is:

Nurturing children to achieve their personal best

Hillcroft Primary is a caring and supportive school which nurtures its community to build trusting relationships and develop a love of learning to achieve their personal best.


Through this vision we aim to provide the following for all our children, staff and families:

Trusting Relationships

At Hillcroft Primary School,

  • We nurture positive, healthy relationships between all
  • We nurture all, to feel confident in themselves and their choices
  • We nurture a supportive relationship between home and school.


Love of Learning

At Hillcroft Primary School,

  • We inspire holistic and enriching learning opportunities that embed a love of learning
  • We inspire learners to grow in confidence by providing risk taking opportunities
  • We inspire all learners to explore and thrive.


Personal Best

At Hillcroft Primary School,

  • We strive to have high expectations of ourselves and others
  • We strive  to achieve our personal best
  • We strive to recognise and celebrate the achievements of all.


This vision provides a roadmap for the school’s direction and a framework for offering all children the best possible education. It is important for us that all children, staff and families not only know and understand the vision, but that they are also committed to its implementation and success.

Underneath our vision sits our school development plan. This document informs the school’s key priorities for the coming year. Please see our Key Priorities here.