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Whole School Curriculum

Our primary purpose at Hillcroft Primary School is to nurture learners so they develop a love of learning and are provided with the knowledge and skills to enable them to achieve their personal best.  Under-pinning each area of the curriculum is the belief that all children should be exposed to a range of enriching opportunities, ensuring that each child leaves our school having experienced a truly holistic education to equip them with the cultural capital they need to succeed in life.

Our curriculum builds on children’s individual starting points and teaches children what they need to know next in a sequenced and purposeful manner. It is built upon a lesson design which is used across the school to ensure all children;

  • are taught new knowledge and skills appropriate to their year group, 
  • given the opportunity to practise these to allow a deep and broad understanding, 
  • review and embed prior learning, ensuring learning is secure and rooted over time. 

Ensuring children are socially and emotionally prepared for learning is paramount for learning to take place. Therefore, nurturing our children is central to our curriculum offer and Hillcroft has a whole school approach to this, ensuring children are taught and encouraged to adopt life long skills for learning. The schools Learning values embed our curriculum intent as they encourage both staff and children to develop as self motivated, risk taking, reflective learners who own their learning, never give up and gain in confidence over time. 

Hillcroft’s response to COVID-19 is at the centre of our curriculum choices this year, ensuring that children are socially, emotionally and academically re-engaged with school.  We understand that children’s starting points and learning needs may have altered in light of the disruption to their learning; therefore, each subject has adapted their curriculums to ensure that these are addressed. 

Topics are changed on a termly basis.  The following are the Topics for Autumn 2 2021-2022

Year group



Why do leaves go crispy?


Will you read me a story?

Year 1

Moon Zoom

Year 2

Towers, Tunnels and Turrets

Year 3


Year 4


Year 5


Year 6