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Whole School Curriculum

Our primary purpose at Hillcroft Primary School is to nurture learners so they develop a love of learning and are provided with the knowledge and skills to enable them to achieve their personal best. 

Ensuring children are socially and emotionally prepared for learning is paramount for learning to take place. Therefore, nurturing our children is central to our curriculum offer and Hillcroft has a whole school approach to this, ensuring children are taught and encouraged to adopt lifelong skills for learning. The schools STRONG learning values embed our curriculum intent as they encourage both staff and children to develop as Self motivated, Risk Taking, Reflective learners who Own their learning, Never give up and Gain in confidence over time. 

Our challenging, inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum celebrates diversity, inspires and motivates a lifelong love of learning, providing children with a rich range of memorable learning opportunities.  Driven by inspirational curriculum leaders and passionate and enthusiastic teachers, our curriculum:


-Actively reflects a wide range of cultures, social groups and people to broaden children’s experiences and actively encourage anti-racism and discourage discrimination of any kind

-Is guided by the school’s STRONG behaviour and learning values

-Is highly ambitious for, and instils intellectual curiosity within, all children

-Revisits and builds upon children’s existing knowledge and skills

-Considers the children’s context and circumstances

-Strives to close the vocabulary gap

-Encourages depth of thinking, elaboration, extension and connection 

-Involves the whole community

-Prepares the children for the next phase of their education

-Equips the children with the knowledge and cultural capital that they need to succeed in life

-Aligns to the objectives set out in the National Curriculum


The following are the Topics for Spring Term 2022:

Year group



Spring Term 1: 'Where does snow go?'

Spring Term 2: 'Are eggs alive?'


Spring Term 1: 'What happens when I go to sleep?'

Spring Term 2: 'Do superheroes where capes?'

Year 1

Spring Term 1 and 2: Memory Box

Due to the knowledge and content taught, Memory Box will be cover both terms

Year 2

Spring Term 1: Street Detectives

Spring Term 2: Wriggle and Crawl

Year 3

Spring Term 1: Tribal Tales

Spring Term 2: I am Warrior!

Year 4

Spring Term 1: Vikings

Spring Term 2: 1066

Year 5

Spring Term 1: Medieval Britain

Spring Term 2: Pharoahs

Year 6

Spring Term 1: Darwin

Spring Term 2: A Child's War


The following are the Topics for Summer Term 2022:

Year group



Summer Term 1: 'Is it shiny?'

Summer Term 2: 'Where in the world?'


Summer Term 1: 'Do cows drink milk?'

Summer Term 2: 'Who lives in a rock pool?'

Year 1

Summer Term 1: Bright lights; Big city

Summer Term 2: Rio de Vida!

Year 2

Summer Term 1: Flower Power!

Summer Term 2: Land Ahoy!

Year 3

Summer Term 1: Tremors!

Summer Term 2: Scrumdiddlyumptious!

Year 4

Summer Term 1: Misty Mountains

Summer Term 2: Playlist

Year 5

Summer Term 1: Our World

Summer Term 2: Scream Machine!

Year 6

Summer Term 1: Frozen Kingdom

Summer Term 2: Enterprise and Production (tbc)