Part of the Glyn Academies Trust


Leadership Team:

Senior Leadership Team  
John Williams Executive Head, GLF Chalklands
Louise Summers Head of School
Alex Swain Deputy Headteacher 
Wider Leadership Team  
Andrew Whitehead Quality of Education Lead, Chalklands
Jessica Edwards Curriculum and Pedagogy Lead, Chalklands
Donna Hardcastle Assistant Headteacher / Inclusion Lead
Carly Gear Assistant Headteacher / Pedagogy Lead
Claire Sills EYFS Phase Leader 
Lucie Winsor KS1 Phase Leader 
Lynne Geary Lower KS2 Phase Leader 
Stephannie Henriqies Upper KS2 Phase Leader 


Teaching Staff:

Claire Sills Nursery Teacher Fir
Sophie Langworthy Reception Class Teacher  Ash
Emma Scott Reception Class Teacher Elm
Emily Dunn Reception Class Teacher Elm
Louise Jaitly Year 1 Class Teacher Beech
Anusha Doolly  Year 1 Class Teacher   Beech
Lucie Winsor Year 1 Class Teacher       Willow
Neil Fuhrmann Year 2 Class Teacher Chestnut
Harriet Tapley Year 2 Class Teacher Sycamore
Carly Gear Year 2 Class Teacher Sycamore
Katy Harborne Year 3 Class Teacher Maple
Caitlin McCutchen Year 3 Class Teacher Rowan
Lynne Geary Year 4 Class Teacher Birch
Selena Young Year 4 Class Teacher Cedar
Sophie Burningham Year 4 Class Teacher Cedar
Stella Mayhew Year 5 Class Teacher Larch
Samuel Walker Year 5 Class Teacher Aspen
Anne-Marie Page Year 6 Class Teacher Acer
Stephannie Henriques Year 6 Class Teacher Oak


Teaching Support Staff:

Mandy Cowan HLTA                                   
Joanne Parish HLTA
Rebecca Sills HLTA
Elizabeth Ayling 1:1 Learning Assistant
Maria Bell 1:1 Learning Assistant
Sarah Chappell Learning Assistant
Lyndsay Colburn Learning Assistant
Cornelia Cooper-Beirne EYFS Learning Assistant
Yvette Jenions Learning Assistant
Tracey Goodier 1:1 Learning Assistant
Lorraine Gillick 1:1 Learning Assistant
Anna Kolodziejczak 1:1 Learning Assistant
Laura Marjoram 1:1 Learning Assistant
Anne Matthews Learning Assistant
Steph Matthews EYFS Learning Assistant
Shannon McNeill 1:1 Learning Assistant
Frances Meagher Learning Assistant
Victoria Mitchell EYFS Learning Assistant
Clare Morgan 1:1 Learning Assistant
Melissa Nash Learning Assistant
Natalie Prince 1:1 Learning Assistant
Susan Selsby 1:1 Learning Assistant
Helen Totterdell Learning Assistant
Kathryn White Learning Assistant
Debbie Pearson                               Lead Thrive Practitioner   
Lucy Simons Thrive Practitioner / Acorns Manager 


Non-Teaching Support Staff:

Kate Bowey                Finance Assistant
Jennie Dennis Senior Office Administrator
Wendy Vicars Chalklands People Administrator
Shannon Mayes-Hanley Apprentice Office Assistant
Tara Copard Family Link Worker               
Daren Bacon Premises Manager
Ben Morgan Premises Assistant