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The School Day

The school day starts at 8.45am when the children line up on the front playground with the rest of their class, ready to be collected by their Class Teacher as the bell rings.

For Nursery, the nursery parents take their child through the Early Years entrance then out onto the back playground and enter the  the Nursery via the back door. We would appreciate nursery parents then leaving the school building using the Early Years entrance rather than the main school entrance as Key Stage 2 enter the school using the main entrance at this time. For safeguarding reasons, we would appreciate parents leaving the school building as quickly as possible.

The start of the school day is an important time and lateness is a disruption for the child. Please make sure your child attends school on time and that he/she is only kept away from school for genuine illness.

Registers are taken promptly at 8.55am. If your child arrives later than this, they will be considered late and will receive a late mark. Please accompany your child into the school reception area as they will need to be signed in at the school office.

If your child is unwell and cannot attend school, please ensure you telephone the school office before 8.45am to inform us. If we have not been informed of a child’s absence, a text message will be sent and a response is expected.

Morning break begins at 10.15am for years 1 / 2 / 3 and 4,   and 10.45am for years 5 and 6

Lunchtime begins at 11.30am for EYFS and KS1, and at 12.30pm for KS2.

The school day ends at 3.00pm for all children in EYFS and KS1, and 3.10pm for children in KS2. When children are dismissed from school they are expected to leave the site and go straight home unless, of course, they are involved in an after-school activity. Please phone ahead if you are likely to be late so we can then let your child know and save them from worrying unnecessarily. Persistent lateness at the end of the day makes children feel insecure, so please try and avoid this at all costs.