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Outdoor Learning


Outdoor Learning Leads:  Miss Katy Harborne and Mr Neil Fuhrmann

At Hillcroft Primary School, we intend for every child to experience a high quality and bespoke Outdoor Learning curriculum, which aims to strengthen and deepen their understanding across many subjects as well as embed discrete Outdoor Learning skills.  At the centre of our intent, is the exposure and teaching about natural environments to enable children to gain an understanding and respect for the natural world and all that which lives within it.

Throughout their time at Hillcroft, every class has at least one, designated Outdoor Learning lesson each week.  Lessons are planned to enrich and enhance the children's in-school learning experiences as well as teach six explicit Outdoor Learning skills.  Named our 'branches' of Outdoor Learning, these are:

  1. Positive Attitudes,
  2. Communication and Collaboration, 
  3. Making Learning Connections,
  4. Using tools, equipment and then Environment effectively, 
  5. Managing risks
  6. Care for the Environment, plants and animals

These 'branches' run through each lesson, as well as having a half-term focus each year.  They will give the children the opportunity to develop their imagination and creativity through exploration of the outdoors as well as developing resilience through challenging activities and working in all weathers.  Pupils will also develop co-operation skills through teamwork.  Children will leave Hillcroft, having a good understanding of nature, the world around us, growing plants and vegetables and will have contributed to the development of our school grounds and looking after the world around us.