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At Hillcroft, we intend for every child to be equipped with high standards of writing skills required for life at, and beyond school; they will be future-proof, allowing them to meet and exceed the modern-day expectation. Teaching is sequenced progressively throughout the years, as well as within each year, to ensure that skills are being re-visited, embedded and built upon. We ensure that all children are given a clear and motivational purpose to their writing, allowing them to practise the skills needed for different audiences.

We have purposefully tailored our curriculum to meet the needs of our local curriculum and trends across the school; closing the vocabulary gap and embedding a solid understanding of sentence composition. We will encourage the use of exciting vocabulary by using high quality stories and texts that children can draw upon to create their own. Children will be taught the correct use of grammar, with the correct terminology, to apply to their writing.

When children start in Early Years they are encouraged to make marks on paper, this then progresses to forming letters correctly and beginning to put these letters into words and then sentences. In Early Years and Year 1, Get Writing is taught as part of the phonics session to allow children to apply their phonic knowledge and learn basic punctuation.

Throughout the school - from Nursery to Year 6 -  children are taught to write creatively using The Write Stuff approach. In lessons, children have the opportunity to discuss and share vocabulary and observe the process of writing a specific sentence type or technique through high-quality teacher modelling.  Children then write their own sentence using the model as support and understand that these sentences build a paragraph. After this sequence of lessons, the children plan and write their own story or non-fiction text, applying the knowledge and vocabulary they have learnt. The final part is to reflect on their writing, allowing time for them to proofread for errors and edit for improvement.

Information about The Write Stuff here