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Early Reading Lead:  Mrs Claire Sills

Reading Lead:  Miss Carolyn Fox

At Hillcroft, we intend for every child to leave this phase of their education enthused about, and engaged with, reading. The culture of the school will foster a life-long love of reading, whether it be for information, pleasure or other purposes.    By providing children with a wide-range of age-appropriate and varied resources, our children’s horizons and aspirations will be broadened and they will be exposed to worlds that they may not have experienced. Reading teaching will focus on securing skills through a sequential and progressive pedagogy; from decoding and fluency to inference and interpretation, depending on children’s individual needs.  Their confidence in reading will enable them to make a positive contribution to society and prepare them for accessing the next stage of their education. Pupils will leave Hillcroft able to make the best life choices, supported by their ability to engage with the modern world through different text forms. 

Early Reading:

Reading is an incredibly important skill that underpins all learning, across the whole curriculum. Children apply their phonetical knowledge from Read Write Inc. sessions in their reading, decoding and reading words with increasing accuracy as they gain confidence. The sounds they are taught are built on in RWInc. books that they read in school, the books link to the sounds they have learnt so far. The children read during their daily RWInc. sessions. These sessions are to help the children to apply their phonetic knowledge in context as well as to support them in their comprehension of what they are reading.

For more information on our Phonics scheme, please see the Read Write Inc tab


When children are secure in their decoding skills, they continue building on the skills taught in Key Stage 1 during daily 30 mins Reading lessons and through weekly Book Talk lessons. Reading lessons focus on continuing to develop fluent expressive reading, improve understanding of language within a text as well as develop a deeper understanding of what they are reading. Whereas, Book Talk lessons foster a love of reading and provide opportunities to discuss a whole class novel. Each Book Talk session is layered with open-ended whole class questions to tackle the three layers of the reading rainbow. Book Talk is structured with three reasons to read. The reasons to read are taken from ‘The Reading Rainbow’. One reason is taken from the top layer of the rainbow under FANTASTIC. The second reason is taken from the STYLISTIC layer. The third reason is taken from the ANALYTICS layer.  More information can be found here.