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School Meals

Our school meals are provided by Chartwells. School meals cost £2.60 per day, payable in advance via Wisepay. Meals can be pre-ordered a week in advance and your child has a daily option of choosing either one of these hot meals or is able to bring in a packed lunch from home.  Please see Laura Bonnell in the Office if you have any questions, or email her on: 

Chartwells believe that every dish and educational experience they create provides an opportunity to make a positive impact — not just for the health of the pupils and students, but also the health of the planet. They take their responsibilities as school caterers very seriously and pride themselves on procuring sustainable ingredients, championing local UK suppliers, minimising food waste, and teaching the pupils and students how to make food choices that are environmentally friendly and great for their wellbeing.

Their dedicated nutritionists and chefs bring food to life through their passionate work, carefully curating menus to meet the diverse palates, dietary requirements and preferences in our school.

For more information on Chartwells, please follow the link to their website:

For more information on the Chartwells Approach to Medical Diets please follow this link, which also has a contact if you wish to speak to their Nutrition Team directly: 

The Chartwells Approach to Medical Diets | Chartwells

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