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School Pets

Pets and other animals in school can enhance the learning environment. Encouraging children to take an interest in animals can have a positive effect on them and can be used to improve human and animal welfare. 

School pets may:

  • foster a sense of responsibility and respect for life, by observing and caring for an animal.
  • brings increased sensitivity and awareness of the feelings and needs of others - both humans and animals.
  • help childrens relationships with their peers, parents and teachers.
  • motivate children to think and to learn, with their enthusiasm and enjoyment of animals.
  • Improve academic interest.


At Hillcroft we aim to promote good practice in animal care. The children are taught correct procedures for handling and caring for animals under the supervision of adults.Children arte taught respect, and how to interact gently with our school pets. Sensible measures are in place to reduce the risk of infection to the children and staff.

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