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Music Lead: Mrs Emma Scott

At Hillcroft, we understand the importance of having music in our lives and how it is vital to connect us and enrich us in our ever-changing world. Creating, performing and listening to music, makes us feel good and supports our emotional well-being and development.  At our school we believe in providing the children with an exciting, progressive, inclusive and engaging music curriculum that promotes a lasting love of music and performance. 

Musical skills and learning begin in the Early Years in the Nursery and Reception classes.  Singing, listening to music and performance is embedded in many indoor and outdoor learning opportunities providing enjoyable and memorable experiences.  In Key Stage One and Two, we use a progressive music scheme called Charanga, which gives the children opportunities to layer their knowledge and skills as they move through the school. 

The pupils learn key skills such as listening and music appreciation, rhythms, singing, improvisation, creating music, notation and performance.   Our children are encouraged to understand the importance of practise and resilience to improve their musical skills and make sure that they are performance ready.  

In every year group the children use a wide range of percussion instruments to create, improvise and perform rhythms and create musical pieces. From Year Two onwards,  the children begin to learn tuned instruments such as the recorder and the glockenspiel as a whole class. 

In Year Four, tuned instruments are taught to the class by a specialist peripatetic musician for an hour a week.  This is a fantastic opportunity for the children to learn to play an instrument alongside their friends.  It also allows the children an opportunity of a termly performance to showcase their learning and their musical journey.  The children can then continue to learn the instrument independently in extra-curricular lessons in Year Four, Five and Six. 

The musical opportunities offered at Hillcroft bring classes, year groups, Key Stages, the school and indeed the whole community together.  We enjoy congregating regularly, as a whole school, to sing and perform together as well as encouraging our children to join the school’s choir to participate in annual community events such as Songs around the Cedar Tree, the local church Christingle and Dorking Halls performance.