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Vision statement 

At Hillcroft we believe that Maths provides learners with powerful ways to describe, analyse and change the world. It is a beautiful and awe-inspiring subject which has the ability to excite, empower and amaze. 


Above all, at Hillcroft, Maths is fun. All of our children experience the excitement, wonder and beauty of this incredible subject. 

Hillcroft is in the process of adopting a ‘mastery’ approach to teaching Maths which emphasises the importance of children gaining a deep and secure understanding of a concept or procedure before moving on. Maths lessons apply a Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract methodology in which Mathematical concepts and procedures are taught through the use of physical objects and pictorial representations, alongside abstract equations. To develop our children’s thinking and reasoning skills, a discursive approach is strongly encouraged with the emphasis placed on the importance of children explaining their ideas and observations. Problem solving and reasoning activities are a key part of every lesson and children are always supported by a wide range of resources. 

At Hillcroft we recognise that for children to become successful mathematicians it is vital that they know their times tables and related Division facts off by heart. Through the use of rewards, challenges and regular testing we ensure that all of our children are terrific at their times tables. 

Through our lessons, special visitors, themed days, assemblies, competitions, family learning nights and displays we ensure that a love of and passion for Maths is instilled in all our children.