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Positive Behaviour Management

At Hillcroft we believe that positive behaviour management:

·         Is value led

·         Sets high expectations

·         Establishes and maintains clear boundaries

·         Rewards positive behaviour

·         Uses reasonable consequences and restorative justice

Our Values

Our aim is to be proactive rather than reactive - to foster a positive environment where children exhibit a sense of commitment and pride in the school, promote excellent home/school partnerships with parents thereby encouraging effective two-way partnerships and genuinely celebrate the success of others. We aim to help children develop the following core strengths through our STRONG values.


Self-Control (Self Regulation)


Tolerance - developing an understanding and acceptance of differences (Tolerance)


Respect - finding value in difference, appreciating worth in ourselves and others (Respect)


Others (Awareness of others) - being aware of others, recognising their needs, interests, strengths and values  (Attunement)


No one left out - joining in and contributing (Affiliation)


Growing friendships - growing, forming and keeping healthy emotional bonds and relationships (Attachment)

   We praise and reward children for good behaviour in a variety of ways:

  • Teachers congratulate children through written and verbal feedback. ‘You have reflected on your learning, well done.’ ‘I am pleased to see how self-motivated you are.’
  • Teachers give children a variety of agreed in class rewards e.g. stickers, house points.
  • Each week a child from each class is chosen to receive an Exemplary Learner’s certificate linked to their learning across the curriculum.
  • An Exemplary Behaviour certificate is awarded to one child per class each week, linked to our STRONG values. Children are rewarded with a wristband to wear related to the value they have been awarded on their certificate.
  • Children who have consistently demonstrated Exemplary Gold level behaviour (linked to the STRONG values) throughout the term are put into a draw to attend a treat with the SLT to celebrate their achievement. The behaviour ambassadors take part in this treat also.
  • Children who have excelled in different areas of the curriculum and school life are rewarded at a termly Prize Giving ceremony.


A full copy of our Behaviour policy can be seen in our Policies section click here



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