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Parent Partnership

At Hillcroft Primary School, nurturing our community to build trusting relationships is at the heart of our Vision.  We intend to fulfil this through different initiatives, including welcoming our parents and carers in to school to strengthen those relationships and allow them a deeper understanding of our school, our curriculum and their child’s learning.  We also value the direct impact that parents can have on the development of our school.  We promote this through our Parent Ambassador roles, which aim to involve parents in different aspects of school and community life, enabling them to develop and support the overall growth of our school.

Parent Ambassador Roles 2021-2022:

Project Based: 

We know that many parents and carers have skills that could contribute and develop areas of our curriculum.  However, we also recognise that many parents are very busy.  Therefore, this role is an adhoc one; working with the school on one-off projects.

Parent Forum:

This Parent Ambassador role focuses more upon the School’s Key Priorities and Curriculum areas and would act as a termly forum to discuss and collaborate on strategic decisions in relation to these.  A parent or carer may have a specific area of interest - such as Reading or Diversity - that we could focus on developing and promoting across the school, alongside the Curriculum leads.

If you are interested in becoming involved as a Parent Ambassador, please contact Alex Swain on

We also have an active PTA - Friends of Hillcroft - who work tirelessly to raise funds for the school to provide additional resources, as well as arranging fun activities for the children.

If you would like more information about the Friends of Hillcroft, please click here