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Bags 2 School Collection - Wednesday 21st November at 9.00am

We have formed a partnership with a company called Bag 2 School, which specialises in recycling good quality second hand clothing and fundraising for the school.

If you have any clothing, soft toys, paired shoes, belts, hats, ties or handbags that are suitable for reuse, please “fill the bag” and return it to school on 21st November for collection at 9.00am that morning. Please do not return the bags to school before this date because we do not have any storage facilities.

All the bags we collect are weighed and the school receives payment per tonne.  Please help us to raise funds for the school by recycling any unwanted clothing.  There is no limit on the number of bags to fill!  Bag 2 School bags are being given to the children today. If you collect more than a bag full – any bag will do, bin liners are ideal. The more we collect the bigger the benefit to our school!

Please bring in all bags on Wednesday 21st November and leave them in the shelter in the front playground ready for collection at 9.00am.

Thank you for your support.

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