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Governing Body

Welcome to the Governors area of Hillcroft Primary School website.

Hillcroft Primary School is part of GLF a multi academy trust and the Trust Board have overall legal responsibility for the work of the Trust, including all its Schools. The Trust has delegated to our Local Governing Body the day to day responsibility for making sure that Hillcroft has, and delivers our strategic vision for the school including appropriate teaching, behaviour, safety and finance.

The Hillcroft Governing Body has the following functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • Holding Leaders to account for the educational performance of the School and its pupils;
  • Holding Leaders to account for the performance management of Staff;
  • Overseeing the financial performance of Hillcroft and making sure money is well spent.

How we do this:

  • Hold half termly Local Governing Body meetings and regular review meetings.
  • Each Governor has a specific area of responsibility and reports on their area.
  • Governors visit the school on a regular basis and meet with their subject lead.
  • Governors participate on learning walks around the school, watching what is happening in classrooms and supporting, and where necessary, challenging the Senior Leadership Team.
  • We work to make sure that Hillcroft children have a great learning experience in a safe, secure and caring environment.  

We work with the Headteacher and her team to develop a clear vision for the school, to review the evidence that helps us understand how close we are to achieving that vision, and to create a clear understanding of the challenges that are faced in managing the school.

Hillcroft Primary Governors have different skills sets but we all have the same driving force and ambition – to ensure that every child has the best possible education to enable them grow as confident, mature, resilient and independent individuals.

Below are details of our current Governing Body. Governors can be contacted via their email addresses below or via the school office.

Janet Worth - Chair of Governors

My name is Janet Worth and I am the newly appointed Chair of the Governing Body.  I was appointed as a Parent Governor in May 2015 and have two grandchildren at Hillcroft.  I am a lawyer by profession, but worked at a senior level in the public sector for  30 plus years until I stopped paid work in 2008.  Becoming a Governor at Hillcroft is an opportunity to continue using my skills to help Hillcroft provide the best possible education for their children.

When I was at primary school I used to read a book a day from the library. I still love reading now.

I can be contacted by email on or by letter via the school office. You will also see me around at school events, open days etc 

Janet Worth 1

Louise Marriage - Ordinary Governor

I have been a Governor since May 2015. I have two children in the school. My job is making policy in a large independent industry regulator. I became a governor because I think with my skills and experience I can support the school in helping everyone to reach their potential. 

When I was at primary school my favourite subject was reading,  I wasn’t very keen on sport. I am still the same now.

I can be contacted by email on

Louise Marriage

Ben Hunter - Ordinary Governor

I have been a Governor for four years at Hillcroft. I have two children, one in the school and one pre-school age that will be joining soon. My job is about making a company's strategy come to life using design, I help build their reputation. I became a Governor to help the school, with particular focus in this area.

When I was at school my favourite subjects were the creative ones, especially art. I hold creative thinking in very high regard.

I can be contacted by email on

       photo to follow

Dave Shadrach - Ordinary Governor

I have been a Governor since May 2015 and I have two Children in the School. My job is an operational role within a Government organisation and I have a particular interest in Health & Safety. I became a Governor to help the School encourage learning and social development with a particular focus on ensuring a safe environment.

When I was at school, my favourite subjects were maths and art although I’ve always really liked music.

I can be contacted by email on

Dave Shadrack

Adam Jewell - Co-opted Governor

I am the newest governor and have been coopted onto the governing body because of my finance experience. I am a Chartered Accountant and my job is to manage a finance function including budgeting, cost analysis and cashflow. My son has recently joined Hillcroft and I have become a governor because I want to make a positive contribution to the school that he attends. My key area of focus will be the financial management of the school.   

When I was at primary school I loved learning about the stars, space and the planets. This led me to study Astrophysics at University and I still love reading about the latest Nasa missions out in to the solar system.

I can be contacted by email on

Adam Jewell

The Governors section of the website is still under construction.  It is a place where we will put any reports we make and is somewhere that Parents and all the school community will be able to see what Governors are doing and our contact details are available should you need to contact us. 

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