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Behaviour Ambassadors

Behaviour Committee, led by Mrs Hardcastle

The Behaviour Committee and its ambassadors act as role models within our school helping to promote our school values and ethos. They need to demonstrate our STRONG values in all that they do, and play an important role in implementing our Behaviour Policy.

Children who have shown positive behaviour choices can be chosen by their peers to act as mentors to the other children, by becoming Behaviour Ambassadors. Their role is to help spot and reward good behaviours and help promote the respectful and positive culture at Hillcroft.

With support from our Learning Support Assistants, the Behaviour Ambassadors also help to organise activities to give younger children the opportunity to learn new games and to work as a team.

Behaviour Ambassadors really need to be able to empathise with children, show good listening skills and be able to scaffold conversations. When children make mistakes at Hillcroft we ask them to reflect on the choices they have made and how they can make the right decision next time. It also includes thinking about the impact upon others and how they can put their mistake right.

The Code of Conduct for the Behaviour Ambassadors is:

  • To look out for and support children who are sad and lonely.
  • To listen to and support children’s worries or concerns.
  • To role model exemplary behaviour.
  • To be happy.
  • To be kind and gentle.
  • To suggest games and ideas for children on the playground.
  • To respect others.
  • To be a role model to other children.
  • To be active.
  • To be encouraging.
  • To follow the Hillcroft STRONG values at all times.

Behaviour Ambassadors are children who have displayed exemplary, gold behaviour and always try their best.  If you see a child wearing a yellow behaviour ambassador badge or a cap, they will be able to support you with any concerns you have and act as a ‘buddy’ on the playground. They can teach you a new game or play with you if you have nobody to play with or you feel sad.